Custom Work

Are you looking for a custom designed mug or other ceramic work? The Lumpy Mug is now offering a new way to request a custom piece of art. I have decided to move to this running request method for custom designs rather than posting slots for them in my normal shop updates. This allows me to work on pieces that fuel my creativity and speak to me in the moment without the pressure of deadlines. This means that when I am working on your piece, I am truly excited about it! It also gives me a chance to make things besides mugs! 

Please read through the FAQ section below before submitting your request.

Custom Request Form

Custom FAQ

If I submit a request, does that mean I will be guaranteed a piece?

No, you are submitting a request only. I will be choosing pieces to work on as I have time. They will NOT be selected on a first come first serve basis. This model allows me to work on what designs speak to me as an artist and provide the best possible work.

When will I hear if my design was selected?

There is no specific time frame to expect as I will be choosing pieces to work on as they speak to me and as time allows. Likely I will only work on one or two pieces at a time and each one can take a minimum of a month or two to complete. You will not hear back if your piece isn't chosen and you may not hear for several months if it is.

Can I preorder one of your regular designs as a custom?

This is not a way for you to preorder something I already make. Design ideas for custom work must be original to you.

Do I have to move forward if my design is chosen?

No. If I accept your design I will reach out and provide you with a quote as well as a simple proposal for the item. You can accept or decline at this time.

Am I locked in to my design once I've submitted it?

Once a design proposal is accepted, I will send you a quote as well as any critical feedback that could affect the final design. At this point you will either decide to move forward or decline. After this point major design changes cannot be done. We will work together to finalize the design and I will provide you with a sketch and description of the final idea. This back and forth will likely happen a few times before we have a final sketch.

If you decide to completely change the design to a new concept you will need to resubmit your design idea and the process of acceptance will start over.

How much can I expect to spend?

My custom mugs generally start in the $300's but the simplicity or complexity of the design will dictate the price. Some ideas may warrant a much smaller price tag and others may be significantly more. I will provide you with a quote before we move forward.

How long does it take to complete a piece?

On average, you can expect a custom piece to take several months. If you have a specific time frame in mind you can include that in your request form and I will let you know if I am able to meet that.

To put it into perspective, most pieces take at least a month to throw/sculpt/dry before firing. Painting time can take weeks. Many require 3 separate firings. I need my kiln to be mostly full in order to run it in order for even heat distribution. There are also many stages along the way in which something can go wrong and I will have to start over.

Why are you using this model for custom requests?

As an artist I want to feel excited and inspired by the work I put out into the world. By choosing to take custom orders in this manor, I am able to pick which ideas fuel my creativity and align with my own artistic integrity. Also, what excites me this month may be different that what excites me next month. This allows me to work on the things that bring me the most joy in the moment. This will change over time, which is why I am keeping these design requests open ended. This month your design may not speak to me or I may not have the time to work on it, but next month I may feel differently. This ensures that you are getting my best work and I am never creating a piece for you just because you already paid for it. I want your idea to shine through the lens of my artistic expression.

Please understand that if your idea is not chosen, it does not mean it isn't a good one. It just may not speak to me as an artist and I would never want to make you a piece of art that didn't come from the heart.

Can I request non birth related art?

Yes!! I love working on other things and welcome a chance to make something new and different!