• How can I purchase your work?

    I update my shop in small batches, roughly once a month. If my shop is empty, that is because I am sold out. My shop usually sells out within the first few minutes of updating.

  • How do I know when the next shop update will be?

    I always make a big announcement on Instagram (@thelumpymug) a few days in advance. You can also sign up for my email list at the bottom of this page for updates. 

  • Can I preorder your work?

    No. I do not do preorders for any of my pieces. I have a terrible case of "Once I have to do it, I don't want to."

  • Do you take commissions?

    I occasionally open up a few slots at a time for custom mugs. If they are available, you will see them in my shop. Other than that, I do not take commissions. 

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes. I ship worldwide. As the buyer, you are responsible for shipping costs and they will be calculated on checkout. I do my best to offer as many international shipping options as possible so you can choose the cheapest one. If I find a better option when I go to ship, I will refund you the difference.

  • How long will it take to receive my item?

    I ship within 1 week of an order being placed. If you are based in the US, your item should be received within 2-3 of being shipped.

  • Do you take returns?

    I do not take returns unless your item arrives different than described. Please make sure you read the entire listing before making a purchase. If your item is not as described, please reach out within 2 weeks of receiving. 

  • What happens if my item arrives broken?

    I provide shipping insurance for your item at no extra cost to you. If your item arrives broken, please photograph the item and the package it arrived in and contact me immediately. I will submit a claim and refund you the cost of your item + shipping. If possible, I will replace your broken item if there are any others in stock, but this is not guaranteed.

  • My package was marked as delivered, but I didn't get it. What now?

    First, I recommend waiting a few days past when an item was delivered in case it was mistakenly marked as delivered before it actually arrives. You can contact me for assistance in locating the item, however I cannot provide a refund for items that are marked as delivered.

  • How do I care for my mug?

    Check out my Mug Care page.

  • What is the gold on some of the mugs?

    I use a 22k gold luster on many of my mugs that is painted on after the glaze firing and then fired a 3rd time to make it safe. Because gold is a metal, this means that these mugs cannot go in the microwave.

  • What is a second's sale?

    I occasionally do a special sale of items that are slightly wonky... minor cracks, misshapen rims, glaze abnormalities, test pieces, or older versions. These items are all generally functional, but have small defects. Because of this, they are discounted. Discount percentage varies.